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Sales Representative

Major company and specialist in horticulture, requires a Sales Representative. Responsible for generating sales, positioning of the brand and being able to support growers with advice in terms of consumables and machinery for greenhouses.



  • Actively manage and increase sales per customer.
  • Technical knowledge about consumables and machinery for greenhouses.
  • Ethical and responsible.
  • Residence preferably in Querétaro.
  • Available to travel.



  • Agronomist or related.
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • 3+ years sales experience.
  • Bilingual – fluent in both Spanish and English.



  • Competitive salary.
  • Monthly performance bonus.
  • 15 days of vacation per year.

About us

We are specialist in selecting and recruiting personnel for the agri food sector in Mexico. We know the companies, their team and we know the details of the vacancies.
This is essential to find the right candidate and a recipe for success; both for the company and the candidate.



We take the time to understand the commercial activity and the type of people who would prosper in the client’s work culture.


We have experience in the agri food sector and we know that all the recruitment processes are different, so we guide the client step by step to achieve the best selection according to their needs.


We select the best candidates for interviews. They must have the knowledge and experience that are required for the position. References will be checked for the candidates that are selected by the company and they will also have to do psychometric tests.


We help in your search for middle and Senior Management

1 Getting to know the company and the vacancy

The first step is getting to know the company and the details of the vacancy.
During this analysis we will focus on:

  • The company, its corporate culture and the team.
  • The main objectives of the company and the department.
  • The requirements of the vacancy.
  • The desired competencies and personality of the ideal candidate.

2. The labor market

We will compare the offer of the company with what is being offered in the market place and we will also give a first estimate about the availability of possible candidates.

3. The search

Based upon the outcome of the analysis that was done in the previous steps, we will search for the best suitable candidates.
For that, we will use our own database, search engines on the internet, as well as our own network.

4. Evaluation & selection

We will select and evaluate only those candidates that best match with the indicated requirements.

5. References

Part of the process is to verify references and diplomas.

6. Follow up

During 2 months we keep in touch with the company and the candidate to know the progress of the employment relationship.


RH Agroalimentaria

Querétaro, Qro

Tel: 442 747 5404
e-mail: yessica@rhagro.com.mx

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